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  • © kh-GmbH, Helge Fröhlich

  • © kh-GmbH, Helge Fröhlich

  • © kh-GmbH, Helge Fröhlich

The German Unity Cycle Route

The reunification was a stroke of good luck for Germany and has brought people in our country together again. After the Berlin Wall had come down and freedom of travel had been regained, it was the restoration of transport infrastructure between East and West that became a major driving force of the growing together of the country.

25 years after German reunification, the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure together with the federal states initiated a new transport project that is to make German unity a tangible experience: the German Unity Cycle Route, the Radweg Deutsche Einheit. It runs from the former federal capital Bonn right through Germany up to the seat of government in Berlin, the capital of Germany. Covering over approximately 1,100 kilometres, it shows at very different locations how German unity has been achieved and what progress has been made in particular in recent years.

The German Unity Cycle Route runs mostly on an already existing network of long-distance bike routes and weaves through seven federal states altogether.

It is signposted and open to cyclists from end to end. Particular mention should be made of the reliable signs which make it easy for cyclists to find their way, the high-quality cycle tracks and the well-developed range of services for cycle tourists. They make this cycle route a special experience for cyclists of all ages and abilities.



Here you can download the entire route as a GPX file.

[ Download - ZIP - 1 MB ]

The GPX format and the geo-data of the cycle track Radweg Deutsche Einheit are available to you free of charge and may be used by everyone.